Israhel van Meckenem: Scenes of daily life (1495 - 1503)

(National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA)

A set of engravings by the German artist Israhel van Meckenem the Younger (1445-1503). This series of twelve prints is known as 'scenes of daily life' (in German 'Alltagsleben') and show a man and a woman with scenes from daily life, six indoor and six outdoor - each couple is dressed in the fashion of 1475-1485. Presented are (from left to right)

Top row (outdoor):
- The angry wife
- The churchgoers
- The dissimilar couple
- The Falconer and Noble Lady
- The Juggler and the Woman
- The Knight and the Lady

Bottom row (indoor):
- Couple Seated on a Bed
- The Lute Player and the Harpist
- Couple playing cards
- The Visit to the Spinner
- The Lute Player and the Singer
- The Organ Player and His Wife

Sets like these were usually made by the artist for printcollectors and not commissioned. Set from 1495-1503.