Joost Jansz. Bilhamer: Map of North Holland (1575)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

A large map made by the Dutch sculptor, engraver, and cartographer Joost Jansz. Bilhamer (1521 – 1590). This map shows the Northern part of the province of Holland around 1575. Bottom left is the town of Leiden, bottom right is the town of Utrecht. Amsterdam is located somewhat in the middle. The map shows the situation in North Holland before the large land reclamation which started around this period. Some small lakes around the town of Alkmaar have already been reclaimed. The larger lakes in North Holland were done in the 17th century. At the top left of the map you can see several parallel lines in the landscape - this is the zijpepolder which was reclaimed around the period (finished in 1597). Map from 1575.