Master of the Antwerp Family Portrait: Portrait of Thomas Gerritzn Doesburch and his family (1559)

(Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

A painting by the anonymous Dutch artist with the notname 'Master of the Antwerp Family Portrait'. Depicted is the couple Thomas Gerritsz Doesburch (1532 - before 1579) and his wife Claesje Rooclaes (1539-1562) together with their 2 children from Amsterdam. Thomas Gerritsz Doesburch was a grain merchant who played an active role in the protestant uprising in 1567 against the Catholic city council. After this failed rebellion Doesburch and his family was banished from Amsterdam but he continued to support the Dutch protestant rebels in their uprising against the Spanish empire by collecting money. The painting was made shortly after the marriage of Thomas and Claesje. the two children were added later after the death of Claesje Rooclaes. Painting from 1559.