follower of Jheronimus Bosch: Christ Carrying the Cross (1510-1535)

(Museum of fine arts, Gent, Belgium)

A painting which is currently attributed to an unknown follower of the Dutch artist Jheronimus Bosch (1450-1516). This chaotic painting shows Christ carrying his cross to Golgotha. In the lower left corner is a women shown with a veil - this is Saint Veronica with her holy shroud (According to Church tradition, Veronica was moved with pity when she saw Jesus carrying his cross to Golgotha and gave him her veil that he might wipe his forehead. Jesus accepted the offering, held it to his face, and then handed it back to her—the image of his face miraculously impressed upon it). In the upper left corner, with his head turned upward is Simon of Cyrene, a man who was compelled by the Romans to carry the cross of Christ. The rest of the people have grotesque faces with wild facial expressions. In the lower right corner is the impenitent thief, who sneers against three men who are mocking him. In the upper right corner is the penitent thief with a very pale skin, with an ugly Dominican monk talking to him. Technical research in 2015 concluded that this work was not made by Jheronimus Bosch but by a follower, a result which the Museum of fine Arts in Gent, where this painting is kept, rejects. Painting from 1510-1535.