Andrei Rublev: The Trinity (1411-1427)

(Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia)

An icon made by the Russian artist Andrei Rublev (1360/70-1427/30). Perhaps the most famous of all Russian icons, this icon was commissioned for the Trinity Lavra of Saint. Sergius monastery in Russia. The icon depicts Genesis 18:1–8 from the old Testament. in this story, Abraham is visited by three men who reveal themselves as angels. Abraham invites them in and provide them with food and drinks. One of the angels reveals to Abraham that his wife Sarah will give birth to a son - Isaac. the icon takes its name from the interpretation amongst scholars that the three angels who visited Abraham represented the Holy Christian Trinity (= "one God in three persons"): God the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. On this icon the left angels would represent God the Father, the middle angel Jesus Christ and the right angel the Holy Spirit. The blue robe of the middle angel (Jesus Christ) represents divinity, the brown color of his clothes represents the earth and humanity while the gold represents the kingship of God. The blue of the right angel also represents divinity, the green represents new life. All three angels are sitting on the same level around the table - this represents the equality of the Holy Trinity. the house on the left in the background is the house of Abraham. the tree in the middle represents the e Oak of Mamre where the meeting took place. the cup on the table supposedly represents the Eucharist. Icon form 1411-1427.