Monogrammist S: The adoration of the Magi (1510 - 1530)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

A nice print made by an unknown 16th century Dutch artist with the notname 'Monogrammist S'. This hand colored engraving shows the adoration of the Magi in the center. Around it are several smaller scenes. From left to right:

- Saint Catherine of Alexandria (recognizable by her attribute of a wheel)
- The annunciation
- The Visitation (meeting of Mary, pregnant with Jesus, and Elizabeth, pregnant with John the Baptist).
- the birth of Christ
- Christ, dressed as a pilgrim, appearing to his mother Mary who is praying
- Pentecost (the Holy Ghost descends upon Mary, the apostles and other people present)
- The assumption of Mary (angels take Mary to heaven)
- Saint Barbara of Nicomedia (recognizable by her attribute of a tower)

entire engraving from around 1510-1530.