Andrea Mantegna: Christ as the Suffering Redeemer (1495-1500)

(Statens Museum for Kunst, Kopenhagen, Denmark)

A painting from the Italian artist Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506). This painting shows the resurrected Christ who is raised from his marble tomb by two angels: a Seraph (with red wings) and a Cherub (with blue wings). Christ is showing the his five wounds from the crucifixion, a type of image known as 'the man of Sorrows'. In the background on the right the three crosses on Golgotha can be seen with below it a a quarry in which two men are working a slab, a column and a statue. On the left is Jerusalem with two woman walking on the road from Jerusalem to Calvary who are going to visit the tomb of Christ, to find that the tomb is empty (gospel of Luke 24:1-2). Painting from 1495-1500.