Master of the guild of Saint George: Portrait of emperor Charles V, Eleonore and Isabella (1502)

(Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria)

A painting by an unknown 15th/ 16th century Dutch artist with the notname 'the master of the saint George guild'. This painting shows the future Holy Roman emperor Charles V of Habsburg together with 2 of his sisters as young children. From left to right:

- Eleanor of Austria (1498 – 1558), aged 4; Eleanor married with king Manuel I of Portugal and after his death with king Francis I of France

- Charles of Habsburg (1500-1558), aged 2; Charles became Holy Roman Emperor, king of Spain, Lord of the Netherlands - he would become one of the most powerful man of 15th century Europe.

- Isabella of Austria (1501-1526), aged 3 months; Isabelle married with king Christian II of Denmark.

Above Eleanor and Isabella is the combined coat of arms of Austria, Brabant, Burgundy and the Habsburg lion. Above Charles is also same coat -f arms but it is surrounded with the chain of the order of the Golden Fleece and has the crown of the archduke of Austria.

Painting from 1502.