Fabrizio Boschi: The Miracle of the Manna (1594-1597)

(Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy)

A painting by the Italian artist Fabrizio Boschi (1572 – 1642). This piece shows an episode from the Bible, Exodus 16:1–36. After Moses freed the Israelites from their slavery in Egypt, the people had to travel the desert for 40 years. During that period, God provided an edible substance (=manna) for the Israelites during their travels in the desert on their way to the Promised Land. The manna itself looked like coriander seed but was white and tasted like wafers with honey. On the painting a large crowd is gathered around to gather up the food, expressing their surprise and wonder at the manna falling from the sky while they pick up the manna with bowls. Moses stands in the left corner and points to the sky to indicate that the food is coming from God. Painting from 1594-1597.