Lorenzo Lotto: Portrait of the Physician Giovanni Agostino della Torre and his Son, Niccolò (1513-1516)

(National Gallery, London, UK)

A painting by the Italian artist Lorenzo Lotto (1480 – 1556/57). The man on the foreground is Giovanni Agostino della Torre (1454-1535), a physician from the Italian town of Bergamo. Giovanni is depicted with several medical books around himself - the book he is holding holds the name "Galienus" on the cover. This is probably Galenus of Pergamon (AD 129 – 200/216), a famous Greek physician and surgeon - by holding a book of Galenus Giovanni wants to show that he is a learned man who has studied the ancient Greeks and Romans. The man in the background is Niccolò della Torre, son of Giovanni - the depiction of the son was probably added later by Lotto. Painting from 1513-1516.