Vincent van Gogh: Portrait of Dr. Gachet (1890)

(Private Collection)

A painting by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh ( 1853 – 1890). One of the most expensive paintings ever sold, this piece is one of two portraits of the French physician Paul-Ferdinand Gachet (1828 – 1909) van Gogh made. Vincent van Gogh met dr Gachet in 1890: after his release from an asylum at Saint-Rémy he was sent by his brother Theo to to Gachet's second home in Auvers-sur-Oise. At first Vincent didn't have a favorable impression of dr Gachet as he "he is sicker than I am" but after several days Vincent told his sister that "he had found a true friend in Dr. Gachet". Vincent created this painting in June 1890, about a month before his death.