Johannes de Vouw: The Admiraliteitshof of Rotterdam (1683 - 1707)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

An engraving by the Dutch artist Johannes de Vouw (1655/65-1707). The main building on this print is the 'admiraliteitshof', the headquarters of the Admiralty of Rotterdam. In contrast to countries like England and France, the Dutch republic didn't have a single admiralty. Instead the ships of the navy were supplied by five separate admiralties (the reason for five admiralties was that the provinces didn't want a single and central admiralty): the admiralty of Amsterdam, Admiralty of Friesland, Admiralty of Noorderkwarter, the Admiralty of Rotterdam & Admiralty of Zeeland. The admiralty of Rotterdam was the oldest of the five. It was founded in 1574 at the start of the Dutch war of independence (1568-1648). In 1644 a large classical building was constructed as shown on this print. The building stood at the corner of the Haringvliet and the Spaansekade in Rotterdam and was demolished in 1884. Engraving from 1683-1707.