John Collier: The last Voyage Of Henry Hudson (1881)

(Tate, London, UK)

A painting by the English artist John Collier (1850-1934). Henry Hudson (1565 – 1611) was an English explorer. He is best known for his explorations in the Northwest of America in search for the Northeast Passage to Asia. During his fourth expedition in 1610-1611 he reached Greenland, the Hudson strait and finally Hudson Bay. He and his crew spend the following months mapping and exploring the shores of Hudson Bay when their ship became stuck in the ice in the James Bay. When spring came in 1611 Hudson planned to sail further West but most of the members of his crew wanted to return home. Matter came to a head and the crew mutinied. Hudson, his son John and seven crewmembers (men who were either sick and infirm or loyal to Hudson) were placed upon a small boat and set adrift in the Hundson Bay (shown on the painting). The rest of the crew returned to England were put on trial, but no punishment was imposed for the mutiny. The fate of Henry Hudson, his son and the 7 crewmembers is unknown - they were never seen again. Painting from 1881.