Attributed to the master of the Bileam: Saint Eligius in his shop (1440-1460)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

An engraving attributed to an unknown German artist with the notname 'master of the Bileam'. Saint Eligius (or Eloy) was the chief counsellor to the Merovigian king Dagobert I of France. After the death of Dagobert he was appointed the bishop of Noyon-Tournai and worked for twenty years to convert the population of Flanders to Christianity. Eligius is the patron saint of of goldsmiths, other metalworkers, coin collectors, miners and horses. In this print the saint is shown in his workshop. The saint is busy with a chalice while his servants are shown busy with other activities. Engraving from 1440-1460.